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ISGS Summer School 2018: travel grants for students

Latest News

ISGS Summer School 2018: travel grants for students

Thanks to the ISGS and sponsors support, the organizing committee awards travel grants of 400 US dollars to students who want to attend the VI Summer School of the International Sol-Gel Society "Frontiers in Hybrid Materials" (Alghero, Italy, 16th-19th September).


Eligible candidates must be student and already registered to the summer school.

How to apply

The applicants must submit their CV together with a recommendation letter from their supervisors to the local organizing committee ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) via email before June 30th.


The number of travel grants is defined depending on the available budget. The best applicants will be selected by the organizers of the summer school. The notification of decisions will be sent by email shortly after (at last on 15th July). The grants will be delivered during the summer school.

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2017 ISGS board election

The community

The following three candidates have been elected as new board of director of ISGS.


Picture Name, affiliation Candidature

Prof./Dr. Aleksandra Lobnik

University of Maribor.

Maribor, Slovenia

A. Lobnik presentation

Prof./Dr. Kiyofumi Kataagiri

Hiroshima University

Hiroshima, Japan

K. Katagiri presentation

Prof. Verónica de Zea Bermudez

University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro

Vila Real, Portugal

V. de Zae Bermudez presentation

Congratulations and welcome to a member of ISGS board of directors.


Masahide Takahashi

President of ISGS



Latest News


Sol-gel synthesis and research of inorganic compounds, hybrid functional materials and disperse systems

«Sol-gel 2018»  August 27-31, 2018


Grebenschikov Institute of Silicate Chemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences - the leading research centre of Inorganic Chemistry in the North West of Russia is holding the Fifth Anniversary International Conference of CIS countries "Sol-gel 2018". The researchers, engineers, technologists, teachers, under graduate and graduate students whose scientific and working career is associated with sol-gel technology are welcome.

The date and location of the conference

August 27-31, 2018; Institute of Silicate Chemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences 199034, Makarova naberezhnaya 2, Saint-Petersburg

Sessions of the Conference


  • Theoretical aspects of sol-gel process – chairman: Prof. A.V. Agafonov (ISC RAS, Ivanovo)
  • Sol-gel synthesis and research of nanoparticles – chairman: Prof. V.V. Kozik (NR TSU, Tomsk)
  • Sol-gel films, coatings and memebranes – chairman: Prof. O.A. Shilova (ISC RAS, Saint-Petersburg)
  • Hybrid inorganic and organic-inorganic sol-gel materials – chairman: Corr. Member RAS Yu.A. Schipunov (IC FEB RAS, Vladivostok)
  • Xerogels, glass and bulk ceramic materials synthesized by sol-gel method – chairman: Prof. E.P. Simonenko (IGIC RAS, Moscow)
  • Sol-gel materials for environmental protection, agriculture and biomedicine applications – chairman: Prof. V.G. Kessler (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala)
  • Applications of sol-gel science and technology – chairman: Ph.D. V.V. Vinogradov (ITMO University, Saint-Petersburg)


The program involves:

1) The school of young scientists, the leading specialists of sol-gel technology will give lectures.

2) The contest of posters among young scientists of under 35 years old (undergraduate and graduate students, young specialists in sol-gel synthesis of inorganic, hybrid inorganic and disperse systems).


Key dates

October, 15 2017 – preliminary registration deadline

January, 15 2018 – abstract submission deadline

February 2018 – information on the conference abstract acceptance

27.08  – 31.08.2018 – Conference «Sol-gel 2018»

The forms, registration rules and Abstracts submission are available on the Conference website


Registration fee

The amount of the charge is optional.

- Standard fee - the participant’s portfolio, welcome dinner, coffee breaks;

-Extended fee - the participant’s portfolio, welcome dinner, coffee breaks and 1 or 2 sightseeing tours;

- Full fee - the participant’s portfolio, welcome dinner, coffee breaks, 2 sightseeing tours and the banquet at a restaurant on the bank of the Gulf of Finland.

- Correspondence fee.

The sums of the fees will be specified in the 2nd information announcement. The cultural program of the conference involves visiting the Tsarskoye Selo with a focus on sightseeing Catherine Palace and the Amber Room as well as a boat trip along rivers and channels of Saint-Petersburg.


Contact information

Information about the event is available on the Conference website:

The Organizing Committee is available by E-mail:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

or by phone

+7 (812) 325-21-13


ISGS Summer School 2018

Events to come

After 10 years, the biannual Summer School of the International Sol-Gel Society comes back to Italy. "Frontiers in Hybrid Materials" is the title of the next "ISGS Summer School" which will be held in Alghero from 16th to 19th September 2018. The 6th ISGS Summer School, which is supported by the National Interuniversity Consortium of Materials Science and Technology (INSTM), will focus on characterizations, synthesis and applications of hybrid materials based on sol-gel. These materials have attracted so much attention in the last years because their specific properties place them at the interface between organic and inorganic chemistry. The frontier of knowledge in the field is moving very fast, so it is of fundamental importance to achieve a comprehensive overview about the hybrid materials to advance with solid foundations. This summer school offers the possibility to revise some of the last discoveries in the field using a multidisciplinary approach with some of the best known and active researchers in the field. It is a unique opportunity to share ideas and deepen your background during the full time of the school. Both young researchers and experienced scientists are invited to join Sardinia to attend 4 days of courses on advanced characterization techniques and sol-gel chemistry.

At the end of the summer school 3 ECTS credits will be given to the students who will pass the final test, participants interested in presenting their research at the Summer School are also invited to submit an abstract to the organizers.

- List of Speakers

Maria Casula (University of Cagliari and INSTM)
Luisa de Cola (University of Strasbourg)
David Grosso (Aix-Marseille University)
Plinio Innocenzi (University of Sassari and INSTM)
Julian Jones (Imperial College)
Luca Malfatti (University of Sassari and INSTM)
Nicola Pinna (University von Humboldt)
Galo J. A. A. Soler-Illia (Universidad Nacional de San Martin)
Masahide Takahashi (Osaka Prefecture University)
Michel Wong Chi Man (Institut Charles Gerhardt Montpellier)


- Registration fees (VAT included)

480 € Students
550 € Professor and researchers
650 € Corporate

The registration fees covers bag+notes+pen+usb with the lectures, welcome party, coffee breaks, wine + cheese and banquet.



- Venue

The summer school will be held in the Santa Chiara Building on the ancient walls of Alghero city. The city offers a wide choice of accommodations (hotels, B&B, apartments) at walking distance from the summer school site.



download the flyer


For more information, please check the LMNT webpage.




- Contacts

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (for administrative questions)


ISGS PhD Thesis Award


ISGS PhD Thesis Award Prize

The ISGS will award annually a prize to the student who has produced the best PhD thesis and made the most outstanding contribution to scientific and/or technological knowledge in the field of sol-gel chemistry and related fields.

The winner will receive a diploma, a 2-year ISGS membership, and a prize money. In addition, he/she will be invited to contribute with a paper to the Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology, the official journal of ISGS.



Open to all candidates that have obtained a PhD degree from any recognised university in the calendar year previous to the Award Prize competition.

Their PhD theses should be original work predominantly in the field of sol-gel chemistry and related fields.



The ISGS decides the prize winner based on the recommendation by a PhD Award Committee designed by the Board of Directors.

The purpose of the award is to highlight excellent PhD research in the field of sol-gel chemistry and related fields.

The PhD Award Committee, composed of experts, will assess the merit of the applications and recommend the winner to the ISGS Board of Directors.

The assessment of the PhD Award Committee, based on the Executive Summary provided in the candidate’s proposal and on the supporting evidence from the PhD thesis document itself, will rely on the following criteria:

  • The level to which the thesis work adds significant new contribution to advances in the scientific knowledge in the field of sol-gel chemistry and related fields.
  • The content and quality of the Executive Summary submitted by the candidate.
  • The impact and relevance of the PhD thesis measured in terms of dissemination of the PhD outputs into the scientific community by the candidate (articles published and oral communications presented at scientific events).



  • Candidates must have defended the PhD thesis in public and received the PhD degree from a recognised university in the calendar year previous to the Award Prize competition.
  • The candidate’s PhD thesis should be original work in the field of sol-gel chemistry or related fields.
  • Candidates must submit an application via email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by the deadline of the competition.
  • The ISGS Board of Directors decides the prize winner based on a recommendation by the PhD Award Committee and this decision cannot be challenged.
  • The application must contain:
    • A pro forma application.
    • An Executive Summary of the PhD thesis, of not more than 15 pages, highlighting the relevance and contribution of the work to the sol-gel chemistry field.
    • An electronic copy of the PhD thesis.
    • Candidates should note that the content of their Executive Summary will be the primary source of the PhD Award Committee’s consideration.
    • A letter from their main PhD supervisor and from the PhD co-supervisor (if applicable) recommending the candidate for consideration for this prize and confirming that the candidate meets all the criteria for eligibility for the competition.



    30 september 2018

The new ISGS logo


A new logo of the international sol-gel society: deadline extended to 15th June

The international sol-gel society launches a call to replace the actual logo with a new logomark (i.e. an image or symbol) and/or logotype (i. e. geometric shapes with abstract letterforms) which can represent the ISGS.

The new logo should be inspired by the sol-gel science and technologies and be optimized both for colors and black/white reproduction, to be used in letterhead, business cards and websites. The logo should still be effective even if reproduced at a size as small as ≈2 cm.


The proposed logo should be sent as vector image (preferred file extensions .ai, .pdf or .eps)  to the ISGS president at the following email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The deadline has been extended to 15th June.

After a prescreening made by ISGS board members, the ISGS community will have the chance to select the new logo through an on-line vote. The author of the best logo will be awarded with 500$.


ISGS Fellows


ISGS Fellows,

Fellows of the ISGS shall be persons of good reputation who have reached their 45th birthday and who shall have been members of the Society at least four years continuously at the established nomination deadline date when nominated. They shall prove qualified for elevation to the grade of Fellow by reason of outstanding contributions to the sol-gel sciences and technology; through broad and productive scholarship in sol-gel science and technology, by conspicuous achievement in sol-gel industry or by outstanding service to the ISGS.

There will be a number of 3 ISGS fellow inducted every two years.


  • Emeritus Fellow of ISGS – for member which are Fellows or become Fellows and are retired;
  • Fellow of the ISGS - for members who are over the 45th year old.


  • All previous LA Awardees will become automatically ISGS Fellow.
  • The induction of the new Fellow of the ISGS should by nomination by at least one of the Fellows of the ISGS and another 3 regular members and approved by the Board of Directors of ISGS. All nominators (sponsors) should have their membership payed up to date. The nomination form will be available online and/or attached to the blasting e-mails.
  • Beside the nomination form the nomination should shall be accompanied by a single page letter from the first sponsor nominator (sponsor).  In addition, the first sponsor may submit no more than three additional single-sided sheets to provide supporting information.  More than 3 pages of supporting information will result in the nomination being returned to the first sponsor.
  • Once received, a nomination may be considered by no more than two consecutive Panels of Fellows.   The nominee must remain an active member throughout this time. If a nominee has an active nomination with additional accomplishments since the time the original nomination was submitted, sponsors may send an update for consideration.
  • The number of the new inducted Fellows cannot be larger than 1% of the total number of the ISGS members.
  • The new “Fellow(s) of the ISGS” will be inducted during a short ceremony which will take place every two years throughout the International Sol-Gel Conference.
  • The Fellow(s) of the ISGS will received a diploma signed by the president of the ISGS.
  • For the new “Fellow(s) of the ISGS, the ISGS will negotiate a discount with Springer for their products.
  • The secretary of the ISGS should be in charged with the entire process of recruiting and induction of new Fellow(s) of the ISGS.

Announcement of Ulrich Award 2017


The ISGS is proud to announce that the recipients of the Ulrich Award for 2017 are:

- Vladimir and Alexandr Vinogradov, ITMO University , Russia

- Tim Fellinger, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.

The ISGS board decided in collaboration with the selection committee (Head: Prof. David Avnir) to give 2 prizes for 3 recipients.

Single prize is shared by Vladimir and Alexandr Vinogradov for their joint achievements.

Those recipients will give award lectures at Sol-Gel conference in Liege, Thursday morning award session.

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