Dear colleague and ISGS Member,

As an active member of the sol-gel community, you are invited to consider becoming a candidate for the upcoming election to renew the membership of the ISGS Board.

Since its launch at the 2003 International Sol-Gel Conference in Australia, the ISGS has aspired to serve the community of sol-gel practitioners as an inter-disciplinary, non-profit organisation which provides a vibrant platform for supporting and advancing sol-gel science and technology. The ISGS is led by a Board with nine elected members, who meet every month via ZOOM to develop initiatives for the society to support our membership. The scope of these initiatives has increased dramatically over the past few years, with the introduction by the current and previous Board of new Scholarships and Fellowships, the eSeminar series and a new format for the Society’s Newsletter. We hope that these initiatives, together with our focus on transparency, equity and diversity, have played an important role in maintaining the connectivity of our community membership during the past few years.

Representing the sol-gel community as a member of the ISGS Board is an opportunity to support our community, and to ensure that its challenges continue to be addressed. Members of the ISGS Board are elected for a period of six years, with three members retiring at each biennial International Sol-Gel Conference and three new members being elected. This ensures that each Board maintains a core of experienced members, together with newer members to contribute new ideas. A particular strength of the sol-gel community is its geographical, scientific and technical diversity, and it is important that this rich diversity is reflected in the composition of the Board. It is also important that membership of the Board embeds a strong focus on gender equity, diversity and inclusion. Accordingly, we strongly encourage applications from women, together with sol-gel practitioners from all countries and academic/commercial sectors, to reflect the diversity of our community.

If you are interested in this opportunity to support and contribute to the growth of our Society, we invite you to submit your candidacy for Board membership. Applications will open on Tuesday 14 May and close on Friday 2 August 2024. To apply:

  • You must be an ISGS member, with paid membership for at least the past four years at the time of application.
  • Please complete the application form available here. This should include a short biography that articulates your activities in sol-gel science and technology and highlights those areas in which you believe that you might contribute as a member of the ISGS Board in support of the international community.
  • Submit your completed application to the ISGS Secretariat before the deadline.

All candidate applications will be posted on the ISGS website on a page accessible only to current ISGS members.

Election of candidates will be conducted online (via eBallot) from Monday 12 August to Monday 2 September 2024. The successful candidates will be announced during the 22nd International Sol-Gel Conference in Berlin (1-7 September 2024).

Any questions that you might have should be directed to the ISGS Secretariat or ISGS President.

We very much hope that you will be interested in contributing to the growth of the ISGS through participation in the selection of the next ISGS Board, and we look forward to the ongoing success of our Society.