Election of 2 new Board members in 2013


2 positions to renew the ISGS Board of Directors

Dear Active ISGS members

You are warmly invited to participate in the vote for the renewal of the ISGS Board of Directors this August 2013.

A Board member is elected for 6 years. The Board meets every two years at the conference, and communicate by phone every 1.5 months. The Board is the executive committee of the Society. The members collectively make decisions regarding the society management, finances, strategy, conference organization, awards…

This election will occur through e-ballot until Tuesday August 27th, 00:00 GMT.

Results will be given during the SolGel 2013 on Thursday 29th morning during the session « words from ISGS ».

  • Presentation of the 5 candidats

To help you make your decision, you will find a short biography reporting the different candidates activity in the field of Sol-Gel science and technology and their projects for the ISGS.

Picture Name, affiliation Candidature

Prof./Dr. Andrei JITIANU

City University of New York

New-York, USA

A. Jitianu presentation

Prof./Dr. Ubirajara Pereira RODRIGUES-FILHO

University of Sao Paulo

São Carlos, São Paulo State, Brazil

U-P. Rodrigues-Filho presentation

Prof./Dr. Jun SHEN

Pohl Institute of Solid State Physics

Shanghai, P.R. China

J. Shen presentation

Prof./Dr. Olga SHILOVA

Institute of Silicate Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences

St Petersburg, Russia

O. Shilova presentation

Prof./Dr. Masahide TAKAHASHI

Osaka Prefecture University

Osaka, Japan

M. Takahashi presentation

  • The voting rule:
Choose your 2 best candidates out of the 5.
  • The link for voting is included in the individual email you received. In case you missed it, please contact the secretariat: armelle.guilloux@isgs.org