ISGS Fellows

ISGS Fellows

Fellows of the ISGS shall be persons of good reputation who have reached their 45th birthday and who shall have been members of the Society at least four years continuously at the established nomination deadline date when nominated. They shall prove qualified for elevation to the grade of Fellow by reason of outstanding contributions to the sol-gel sciences and technology; through broad and productive scholarship in sol-gel science and technology, by conspicuous achievement in sol-gel industry or by outstanding service to the ISGS.

There will be a number of 3 ISGS fellow inducted every two years.


  • Emeritus Fellow of ISGS – for member which are Fellows or become Fellows and are retired;
  • Fellow of the ISGS – for members who are over the 45th year old.


  • All previous LA Awardees will become automatically ISGS Fellow.
  • The induction of the new Fellow of the ISGS should by nomination by at least one of the Fellows of the ISGS and another 3 regular members and approved by the Board of Directors of ISGS. All nominators (sponsors) should have their membership payed up to date. The nomination form will be available online and/or attached to the blasting e-mails.
  • Beside the nomination form the nomination should shall be accompanied by a single page letter from the first sponsor nominator (sponsor).  In addition, the first sponsor may submit no more than three additional single-sided sheets to provide supporting information. More than 3 pages of supporting information will result in the nomination being returned to the first sponsor.
  • Once received, a nomination may be considered by no more than two consecutive Panels of Fellows. The nominee must remain an active member throughout this time. If a nominee has an active nomination with additional accomplishments since the time the original nomination was submitted, sponsors may send an update for consideration.
  • The number of the new inducted Fellows cannot be larger than 1% of the total number of the ISGS members.
  • The new “Fellow(s) of the ISGS” will be inducted during a short ceremony which will take place every two years throughout the International Sol-Gel Conference.
  • The Fellow(s) of the ISGS will received a diploma signed by the president of the ISGS.
  • For the new “Fellow(s) of the ISGS, the ISGS will negotiate a discount with Springer for their products.
  • The secretary of the ISGS should be in charged with the entire process of recruiting and induction of new Fellow(s) of the ISGS.