ISGS PhD Thesis Award 2021 – Call for Nominations

In 2018, the ISGS announced the inaugural ISGS PhD Thesis Award to celebrate the achievements of talented PhD students whose theses and research represent outstanding contributions to scientific and/or technological

knowledge in sol-gel chemistry and related fields. The inaugural awardee was Dr Francesca Tallia for her thesis entitled “3-D printed flexible hybrids for tissue regeneration”. Francesca was followed in 2019 by Drs Valentin Smeets, Albane Birault and Junho Jang (who were awarded first, second and third prizes, respectively) and in 2020 by Drs Fredric Svensson, Tommy Haynes and Rémi Tilkin (first, second and third prizes, respectively).

The ISGS is now calling for nominations for the 2021 ISGS Thesis Award. The award is open to all candidates whose research is positioned in the broad area of sol-gel science and technology and whose PhD degree was granted by a recognised University in 2021. Nominations will be assessed against a number of criteria, including:

• The extent to which the candidate’s research contributes to advances in scientific knowledge in the field of sol-gel science and technology.

• The content and quality of the Executive Summary submitted by the candidate.

• The impact and relevance of the PhD research, as measured by the dissemination of the PhD outputs within the scientific community by the candidate (including publications and presentations at scientific events).

For more information, please see the ISGS website.