> Life Achievement Award 2009

2009 Life Achievement Award has been sponsored by Nippon Sheet Glass Corporation, Japan

In the true generous spirit which characterises Prof J.D. Mackenzie, he decided to give the money provided by our generous sponsor to the International Sol-Gel Society to promote the attendance of graduate students to the 15th International Sol-Gel Conference in Brazil.

2009 Life Achievement Award became John D. Mackenzie Travel Awards…

Selection procedure:
The ISGS organised a panel composed of 3 ISGS Board members which reviewed 15 applications. 3 candidates were selected on the sole basis of the strength of their application and all demonstrated a good publication records, well written abstract which presented some innovative science.


  • Margarita Hernandez (University of Altamira-Mexico)
  • Cecile Philippot (Institut Néel CNRS/UJF Grenoble-France)
  • Yasuaki Tokudome (Kyoto University-Japan)

It is interesting to see that they truly represent the diversity of our community. They come from three different regions of the globe (Asia, Europe and Central America), two of the candidate are female and their research covers three different topics of the sol-gel field: Porous Materials (Yasuaki), Piezoelectric thin films (Margarita) and Nanoparticles for biological applications (Cecile).

They all gave a short 5 minutes presentation as part of the Life Achievement presentation and they received US$ 1600 to cover their travelling and accommodation costs.