A Focus on our PhD Students

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A Focus on our PhD Students – Sofia Moreira Fernandes

The topic dealing with the environment, as well as the fact that the project was international, in collabora-tion with ETH, Zurich, convinced me to embark on this journey.

A focus on our students – Thais Caroline de Almeida da Silva

My research interests are focused on the exciting field of metal halide perovskite based nanomaterials. These materials hold tremendous potential for various applications in optics, energy, lighting, ceramics, and catalysis.

A Focus on our PhD Students – Margot Van der Verren

I am honored and grateful to be awarded the 2022 ISGS Renata Reisfeld PhD Student Fellowship for Women in Sol-Gel Science and Technology. I want to thank the ISGS for recognizing the importance of diversity and inclusivity in science, and...

A Focus on our PhD Students – Maggie Fox

I am also passionate about improving equity for women in STEM and organized the first “Women in STEM: Breaking Barriers” summit at UCLA.

A Focus on our PhD Students – Imane El Moujarrad

In October 2020, I had the opportunity to be enrolled in an international PhD program between the University of Montpellier (France) under the direction of Professor Jean-Louis Bantignies (Laboratoire Charles Coulomb) and the University of Aveiro (Portugal) under the direction of...

A Focus on our PhD Students – Magdalena Ripoll

My work is now focused on combining the development of new hybrid materials for bacterial immobilization with the genetic modification of Gluconobacter strains to obtain novel biocatalysts for glycerol valorization. By combining alginate gels with clays and silica nanoparticles, we...

A Focus on our PhD Students – Mayara Carla Uvida (winner of the Inaugural Renata Reisfeld Fellowship for Women in Sol-Gel Science and Technology

Looking at the path I have taken so far, I’m delighted to have been awarded the inaugural Renata Reisfeld Fellowship by the International Sol-Gel Society, which celebrates the life and career of a pioneer female scientist in the sol-gel field.

A Focus on our PhD Students – Yosuke Hara

The first research topic given to me by Professor Nakanishi was a joint research theme on tungsten carbide with a company.

Andrius Pakalniškis

My first introduction to science happened when I joined the group of Professor Aivaras Kareiva with Professor Ramūnas Skaudžius as my supervisor during the middle of my second year.

A Focus on our PhD Students – Efrat Shukrun-Farrell

In my first project, I have developed 3D printable sol-gel-based printing compositions, which enabled the fabrication of 3D objects with unique properties.