A Focus on our PhD Students

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A Focus on our PhD Students – Mayara Carla Uvida (winner of the Inaugural Renata Reisfeld Fellowship for Women in Sol-Gel Science and Technology

Looking at the path I have taken so far, I’m delighted to have been awarded the inaugural Renata Reisfeld Fellowship by the International Sol-Gel Society, which celebrates the life and career of a pioneer female scientist in the sol-gel field.

A Focus on our PhD Students – Yosuke Hara

The first research topic given to me by Professor Nakanishi was a joint research theme on tungsten carbide with a company.

Andrius Pakalniškis

My first introduction to science happened when I joined the group of Professor Aivaras Kareiva with Professor Ramūnas Skaudžius as my supervisor during the middle of my second year.

A Focus on our PhD Students – Efrat Shukrun-Farrell

In my first project, I have developed 3D printable sol-gel-based printing compositions, which enabled the fabrication of 3D objects with unique properties.

A Focus on our PhD Students -Ann Kathrin Koopmann

I had the chance to expand my knowledge in nanomaterials by participating in a small research project concerning amino-silane functionalised maghemite nanoparticles.

A Focus on our PhD Students – Lorne S. Joseph

Presently, my thesis focuses on the Investigation of High Proton Conductivity Materials at Modest Temperatures. The motivation for this work centers on the synthesis of fast-proton conducting melting gels using the sol-gel process that exhibit good water retention, high thermal...

A Focus on our PhD Students – Andrea Montero-Oleas

I designed an aptamer-based biosensor for the quantification of proteins. Later I received my master degree in Experimental Biomedicine at the University of Castilla la Mancha in Spain

A Focus on our PhD Students – (now Dr) Nir Ganonyan

I am currently in the final submission stages of my PhD thesis, and looking back on the path I have chosen I am very happy to have entered the realm of sol gel materials.

A Focus on our PhD Students – Svenja Pohl

The topic of my thesis is again melting gels. These interesting compounds are organic-inorganic hybrid materials prepared from di- and trialkoxysilanes via a sol-gel process.

A Focus on our PhD Students – (now Dr) Alessandro Gandin

My dream is that hydrogels can be used in any biological laboratory as a routine cell culture substrate merging the wealth of knowledge coming from the different but complementary materials and biological backgrounds.