People in the spotlight

People in the Spotlight – Presenting the 2021 ISGS Fellows

In the June 2021 Newsletter, we announced that Professors Maria Zaharescu (Romania), Masahide Takahashi (Japan) and Michel Wong Chi Man (France) had been selected as ISGS Fellows for 2021. In the July issue, we shine a spotlight on the achievements...

People in the Spotlight – Dr Sílvia Cristina Nunes

After one year, I started my PhD in Exact, Natural and Technological Sciences/Chemistry at UTAD, entitled “Synthesis and characterization of multifunctional nanohybrids organic-inorganic materials obtained through sol-gel process”, under the supervision of Professor Verónica de Zea Bermudez, and in the...

People in the Spotlight – Dr Mariana Sofia Peixoto Fernandes

The main goal of this project was the preparation and characterisation of lanthanide complexes for the preparation of photoluminescent materials. The underlying idea was the incorporation of optimised complexes into organic-inorganic hybrid hosts prepared by the sol -gel method.

People in the Spotlight – Professor Yang Hui

Professor Yang has made significant contributions to China’s sol-gel community. In 1990, he helped host the First National Sol-gel Science and Technology Conference in Hangzhou, where over 30 researchers attended and more than 20 papers were presented.

People in the Spotlight – Dr Julien Mahy

Since the beginning of my research activities, I have always focused on the development of sol-gel materials and processes for environmental purposes with a strong emphasis on green synthesis and I hope to continue on this path for many years...

People in the Spotlight – Professor Ulrich Schubert

For me, a fascinating aspect of sol-gel science is that basic chemistry and technical applications are so closely intertwined. More challenging applications can only be developed if one also cares about the underlying chemistry.

People in the Spotlight – Dr Monique Deon

In my practice, I believe in collaborative and integrative work to develop science and individuals, and I hope to continue using the sol-gel tools for developing new therapeutic strategies to improve public health.

People in the Spotlight -Professor Massimo Guglielmi

From the beginning of my involvement in sol-gel science and technology, I was very interested in the application of sol-gel processing as a method for depositing thin coatings on different substrates.

People in the Spotlight – Professor María Vallet-Regí

Professor María Vallet-Regí. María’s sustained outputs during a career spanning over 45 years have seen her publish over 800 peer-review papers that have been cited nearly 49,000 times.

People in the Spotlight – Professor Michel Aegerter

People in the Spotlight - Professor Michel Aegerter. Michel’s interests in sol-gel science and technology were sparked following his subsequent move to Brazil in 1978 to accept a full Professorship at the Institute for Physics and Chemistry of the University...