People in the spotlight

A Focus on our PhD Students: Celebrating the Sol-Gel PhD Student eMarathon

Apart from offering our thanks to our future leaders who invested their time and effort in preparing such engaging presentations, the ISGS also thanks the many mentors who continue to guide our students in developing and achieving their aspirations.

People in the Spotlight – Announcing the Winner of the 2024 Ulrich Award

The ISGS Board of Directors is delighted to announce that Professor Bin Cai (China) has been selected as the winner of the 2024 Ulrich Award.

People in the Spotlight – Announcing the 2024 ISGS Lifetime Achievement Awards

The Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honour that the ISGS can bestow on our colleagues and reflects outstanding contributions to sol-gel science and technology through broad and productive scholarship

People in the Spotlight – Professor Mary K Carroll

One of the things about sol-gel work that Mary finds in-tellectually engaging is its interdisciplinarity and global reach, which presents opportunities to collaborate with others.

People in the Spotlight – Professor Lorena Betancor

Curiosity was what lead me to Science. I was fascinated by the world of the small and the reason why living organisms functioned as such.

People in the Spotlight – Dr Sophie de Monredon-Senani

Following the completion of my doctoral studies, I continued exploring functional nanoparticles as a post-doctoral researcher, firstly with Alcatel, and secondly at the LI2C (today PHENIX) Sorbonne University.

People in the Spotlight, Professor Shen Jun

Professor Shen Jun’s career has focused on the importance of international collaboration and service to the community. Since participating in his first International Sol-Gel Conference in Yokohama in 1999, he has participated in almost all of the subsequent biennial sol-gel...

People in the Spotlight, Professor Kazuki Nakanishi

He encountered the phase separation of gelling silica systems in August 1987, and has been enchanted by this field for over 35 years.

Professor Aivaras Kareiva

During my first research internship at Helsinki University of Technology in 1993, I worked with Professor Lauri Niinistö, who introduced me to the scientific world of sol-gel chemistry.

Professor Ioannis Michaloudis

As a doctorate candidate, I was lucky enough to be studying at the Sorbonne University in France. Based on my textile and fashion design practice, I undertook research in the visual arts and I discovered what I named the ‘elastic...