A Focus on our PhD Students: Celebrating the Sol-Gel PhD Student eMarathon

On 26th March, 2024, the inaugural Sol-Gel PhD Student eMarathon was held via ZOOM. During the five-hour duration of the event, the online audience was privileged to hear seven of our PhD students from six different countries deliver high-quality presentations on selected aspects of their work. The presentations covered a range of topics, including materials for the degradation of microplastics, drug delivery, electrochromic devices, ceramics, and protein transport, together with materials with engineered porosity. Each 30-minute presentation was followed by a 10-minute discussion period, which further highlighted the depth of knowledge of the students. It is clear that the future of the international sol gel community is in very safe hands. 

Apart from offering our thanks to our future leaders who invested their time and effort in preparing such engaging presentations, the ISGS also thanks the many mentors who continue to guide our students in developing and achieving their aspirations. If a key aspect of leadership is to develop leaders rather than followers, then we are certainly on the right track. We also thank the audience members for their interest in the event and for their active participation in the Q&A session following each presentation. Special thanks to those who stayed online for the entire event. 

If you missed the live presentations, a recording will soon be uploaded to the ISGS website. The Program and Book of Abstracts for the eMarathon can be found here. 

We look forward to your participation in the 2025 Sol-Gel PhD student eMarathon (tentatively scheduled for March 2025) and to your ongoing support of our PhD students, the future leaders of the sol-gel community of practice.