A Focus on our PhD Students – Elizaveta Anastasova

I entered the magistracy of ITMO University in St Petersburg (Russia) and began working in the SCAMT Institute in the Nanopharmacy Group under the guidance of Professor Vladimir Vinogradov in 2016. My work prior to commencing my PhD has led to three publications, including a study on the structure, behaviour and potential applications of new pure magnetite hydrogels. Further studies were aimed at characterising magnetite particles with different morphology and dimensions and assessing their thrombolytic activity under the influence of a rotating magnetic field This work begins a new era of novel functional magnetic materials, which we believe to be a major step towards highly efficient drugs and sorbent development.

In 2018, I entered the graduate program of ITMO University and am currently engaged in the synthesis and investigation of biologically active materials based on nanostructured metal oxides . My research is devoted to the biological interactions that occur in 2D magnetic nanomaterials. The project is interdisciplinary and is positioned at the interface of fundamental chemistry and biomedicine. The main goal is to create 2D nanoparticles that can regulate enzymatic activity by modulating their size, structure and morphology.

My background is in materials science, with a particular focus on the synthesis, characterisation and applications of magnetic materials. This work led to the award of one of the “ISGS Best Poster” prizes at the 2019 SolGel Conference in St Petersburg. I also conduct laboratory work in physical and analytical chemistry for undergraduate students studying chemistry. For me, the combination of theoretical and experimental approaches for studying the nano world – particularly when we obtain unexpected outcomes – is a key feature for productive work and high publishing activity. My passion is creating and researching completely new nanoscale structures, which can subsequently open up new opportunities for science and society. I’m looking forward to a career full of interesting challenges, and to the opportunity to develop elegant and beautiful scientific solutions to solve these challenges.