AERoGELS COST Action – An update from the EU initiative on aerogels: Back on the road and new digital activities

AERoGELS COST Action, the EU-funded research and innovation network for the internationalisation and valorization of aerogels in the biomedical and environmental fields, is diversifying its activities with in-person activities across Europe and digital events for a global audience.
The current situation has allowed us to restart in-person meetings with the pioneering “Symposium on aerogels for biomedical applications”. The event was held at the i3S premises in Porto (Portugal) with a hybrid format involving the participation of more than 40 speakers from 19 different countries. The symposium was able to assemble the most recent scientific-technological knowledge in aerogels applied in biomedical applications. This symposium was organized within the programme of the 31st Conference of the European Society for Biomaterials, providing a unique opportunity for networking and cross-fertilization of ideas.

In the digital arena, AERoGELS COST Action launched the “AeroTalks” sessions in September 2021. AeroTalks is an online event with a one-hour duration and taking place on a monthly basis. There are two 25-minute talks during these sessions: one from a renowned expert in the field delivering a master class and another from an Early Career Investigator disseminating the work developed within AERoGELS COST Action. The session ends with information on the latest news and updates from the AERoGELS Action. Do you want to share your work with the AERoGELS community? Is your work not running as planned and needs help from experts? Send us an email and you can be the next speaker in the AeroTalks series!

AERoGELS COST Action members have also recently published technical papers in Open Access journals on aerogels for pharmaceutical and wound healing applications as well as from a health risk assessment perspective. A special issue on “Synthesis, Characterisation and Applications of Biopolymer Aerogels” is also planned, which will highlight the use of biopolymers such as cellulose, alginate, chitosan, starch, chitin, proteins, etc, for the production of aerogels in the form of monoliths, microbeads, fibres, papers (sheets), microparticles and foams. The deadline for submission of manuscripts to this special issue is 30 th April 2022.

The AERoGELS COST Action involves more than 400 participants from 47 countries. It assembles knowledge on research and technology of aerogels at the international level from more than 200 institutions from academia, industry and regulatory experts. In the AERoGELS Action, the use of aerogels is mainly focused on environmental (treatment and removal of pollutants, energy management, life cycle analysis) and life sciences (pharma, biomedical, food) applications. Structure-properties correlations, regulatory aspects and circular economy approaches will be combined.

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