Announcing the Inaugural Winner of the ISGS Renata Reisfeld PhD Student Fellowship for Women in Sol-Gel Science and Technology

In October 2020, the ISGS announced the launch of the Renata Reisfeld Fellowship for women working towards their PhD degree in sol-gel science and technology. In addition to celebrating the talents and achievements of an emerging female scholar within our community, the scholarship also celebrates the personal and professional achievements of a remarkable scientist who has made a tremendous contribution to sol-gel science and technology through her work over 45 years at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel.

The Board of the ISGS is delighted to announce that the winner of the inaugural Fellowship is Mayara Carla Uvida, who is currently studying for her PhD (commencing in 2020) under the mentorship of Professor Peter Hammer at the Institute of Chemistry of Araraquara of the State University of São Paulo Júlio de Mesquita Filho (UNESP, Brazil). Her work to date has focussed on the physical chemistry of materials, including multifunctional polymeric nanocomposites, anticorrosion coatings for metal alloys (carbon steel, aluminium alloys and titanium alloys) and organic-inorganic hybrids. She has co-authored six papers (SCOPUS) and two book chapters to date.

Congratulations Mayara!