Interview: G. Dubois, President of ISGS

This is my first chance to talk to you as the ISGS’ new president. First, I would like to thank Chris Barbe, our former president, and the previous board members (Florence Babonneau, Eric Bescher, Guido Kickelbick), for all the work they have put into the society. They have not only created the necessary infrastructure for an international society but they also have shown a sustainable path forward.

Together with our new board members (Sara Bilmes, Jean-Marie Nedelec, Vadim Kessler, Michel Wong Chi Man), we would like to establish a stronger sense of global community in sol-gel science. The ISGS will also focus on developing a stronger network between academic and industrial researchers. Meanwhile, we will keep committing to the ISGS original missions: educate, communicate and coordinate.

Education of the scientists and technologists, from both academia and industry, through topical workshops and summer schools remains a priority for the society. The biannual ISGS summer school has become the reference for new Ph.D. students by providing comprehensive and practical teaching. It is also a unique opportunity for them to start networking in a relaxed atmosphere with more advanced researchers. The next ISGS summer school will be organized in Paris in July 2012.

Fostering the communication between researchers from different fields and geographical regions is a key strategy within ISGS. We encourage you to attend the next biannual International Sol-Gel Conference that will be held in the beautiful city of Madrid in 2013. We would also like you to take advantage of our ISGS website (, in order to actively participate in the life of the ISGS. In that regard, our quarterly newsletter gives you the opportunity to share your personal stories and opinions.

We will keep promoting sol-gel science and technology in the academic and industrial communities. The official Journal of the ISGS, (The Journal of Sol-gel Science and Technology) ranks 3rd in the category of Materials Science and Ceramics, with a 2010 Impact Factor of 1.525. In addition, the ISGS is proud to continue its long lasting collaboration with Springer to offer a new series of books on the following topics: aerogels, sol-gel characterization, hybrids, nano-composites, sol-gel coatings for energy applications, and membranes.

Finally, the ISGS honors its commitment across the different missions by providing travel scholarship to students, and by sponsoring sol-gel related workshops, schools and local conferences. Please don’t hesitate contacting us if you need more information about the different options.

The success of this society has been built on the forward thinking of the past presidents and boards. In the next two years, I will lead the ISGS to become a global community where our professional endeavors are connected with more social activities.


Geraud Dubois
President of the International Sol-Gel Society