ISGS NewsLetter – N°8 – June-November 2012

ISGS NewsLetter – N°8 – June-November 2012

The Newsletter of the International Sol-Gel Society

ISGS SummerSchool 2012 – Paris, France – July 22-26

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Forthcoming Events Pick of the quarter

> Event Announcement – SolGel 2013 – the XVII International Sol-Gel Conference will be held in Madrid, Spain – 25-30 August 2013.

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> Event Announcement – JNPV 2012 – the 2nd edition of the Congress of the French Photovoltaic community will be held near Paris, France – 11-14 december 2012. Some topics may interest the Sol-Gel community More>>

> Report on event – VIII Workshop Italiano SolGel – Trento, Italy – June 21-22 2012…More >>

> Report on event 2nd conference of CIS countries, Sol-Gel 2012 – Sevastopol, Ukraine – September 18-20 2012... More >>

Literature Highlights 2012-06, by Vadim Kessler

The development of sol-gel field has been during the recent years strongly focused on mastering the properties and improving characterization of materials being of importance for emerging and already flourishing application domains, in particular, those of energy production and storage and of biomedicine. This has been reflected in a number of new publications.

> Emerging techniques for sub-micron particle sizing applied to Stöber silicaMore >>

> Redox Behavior of Uranium at the Nanoporous Aluminum Oxide-Water Interface: Implications for Uranium Remediation... More >>

> Selective Preparation of Macroporous Monoliths of Conductive Titanium Oxides TinO2n–1 (n = 2, 3, 4, 6) More >>

> Tuning the Optical Properties of Mesoporous TiO2 Films by Nanoscale Engineering... More >>

> Biological characteristics of sol-gel materials are in many cases very attractive for large scale biomedical and environmental applications... More >>

The Journal of SolGel Science and Technology Contributions

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We are looking for contributions. If you have a piece of news related to the sol-gel field, a recent Sol-Gel developments and applications in industry, a book you have just read, a workshop you are organising or have attended, please send your contribution. We are especially keen to post contribution from PhD students and young researchers which highlight their work.
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