Renewal of the ISGS Board – call for candidate



Dear colleague, Dear ISGS Member

As an active scientist in the sol-gel community,you might want to consider putting your candidature forward for the upcoming election for the renewal of the ISGS board.

A Board member is elected for 6 years. The Board meets every two years at the conference, every 1.5 months by phone.

This election will take place before (through e-ballot) and at the next Sol-Gel International Conference which will take place in Madrid, Spain 25-30 August 2013. Results will be given during the SolGel 2013.

If you are interested, we invite you to apply before July 19th 2013.

To do so, you have to be ISGS member (membership paid) when you apply. Then just use the required application form to present a short biography reporting your activity in the field of Sol-Gel science and technology, highlighting also the areas where you think you could contribute as a board member and which will benefit the Sol-Gel society and community.

The application form is downloadable on ISGS website ( log in your account and, in the user menu on the right, you’ll find a link “Renewal of the ISGS Board”.

Send back this form to the ISGS secretariat:

We will publish the different candidatures on the ISGS website on a page open only to valid members and the online election procedure will take place.

Hoping you will be interested in this opportunity and looking forward to hear from you soon.

ISGS Board

Don’t miss the deadline!

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