Resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations on the International Year of Glass 2022

The International Commission on Glass (ICG), the Community of Glass Associations (CGA) and ICOM-Glass are promoting a United Nations International Year of Glass for 2022. Its aim is to underline the scientific and economic importance of glass, the unseen heart of so many technologies and a facilitator of just and sustainable societies as they face the challenges of globalization.

A formal presentation was streamed worldwide on Thursday 3rd December via the CSIC channel on YouTube. It soon clocked up 3500 direct hits with many more through LinkedIn and Google. New letters of endorsement arrived, adding to the 1250 previously received from 77 countries. If you have not done so, please view and register your interest at International Year of Glass 2022.

This February (2021) the Spanish mission in the United Nations, with the support of the Egyptian delegation, initiated the process of delivering the Resolution to the General Assembly (GA). They received support from UNIDO, the UN body focused on Industrial Development who are now editing a final draft of the Resolution.

Now, our proposal needs the official support of as many countries in every continent as possible to accelerate the process and guarantee a unanimous vote at the next UN meetings of the GA in March-April. For this, we are asking the main endorsers from every country to contact their Foreign Affairs ministries and their Permanent Missions at the UN to ask for official support of IYOG2022. The Resolution will be sent for editing to any delegations giving their express support, so expanding patronage within their areas of influence.

Meanwhile, delay gives more time to expand our database. Please use our 30 minute presentation to draw in more participants and collect more endorsements; a HiRes version can be downloaded from YouTube. It spot-lights glass in an equitable and sustainable world.

This pause has also given space to focus on planning activities. Currently these include a kick-off event in February in Geneva, an ICG Congress in Berlin, a worldwide Congress on Glass Technology in Shanghai and a Global Art/History Congress. We are promised dedicated journal issues, exhibitions in museums, public and private glass collections, and educational materials for universal dissemination. Networking will be indispensable. A Steering Committee is being assembled, based on representatives who can coordinate effectively with national institutions, to promote the sharing of ideas and multiply their impact.

The Spanish Research Council, CSIC, is committed to the publication of a celebratory book and the organization of at least two exhibitions, one on the objectives of IYOG and a second on how to create a Circular Economy based on recycling and glass containers. English and Spanish versions will be available and offered to all supporting countries with the possibility of translation into their own languages.

Another key task is fundraising to finance the Opening Session in Geneva and subsequent activities. A team are ready for action once UN approval is given.

Let us continue gathering support to achieve our common dream. We are closer and closer to success.

Alicia Durán

Research Professor CSIC
President of the ICG Chair of IYOG2022 (