Ulrich Award 2019

The Donald R. Ulrich Award recognizes outstanding contributions in sol-gel processes made by young researchers. This Award, created in memory of Prof. Dr. Donald R. Ulrich, is given since 1991 during the International Sol-Gel Conference.

For the 2019 Award the Selection Committe (Professors Sidney J.L. Ribeiro, Sara Aldabe Bilmes, Michel Aegerter, Professor Andrei Jitianu and Professor Kyiofumi Katagiri) received seven high level applications of young and distinguished candidates. The main evaluation parameters taken into account were: Quality and Originality, Independence, Scientific contribution to the Sol-Gel Community, Scientific production, recommendation letters and maturity of the applicant.

We have the pleasure to announce that the 2019 Ulrich Award is given to Dr. Marco Faustini.

Dr. Marco Faustini, born in 1983, is currently Assistant Professor at the Laboratoire de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Paris, Sorbonne University, France. His impressive professional career devoted to Sol-Gel processes started as an undergraduate student in Trento, Italy. After a short period in Finland (Aalto University) he went to Paris and finished his PhD in 2011 at Sorbonne University under the supervision of Professor David Grosso. A post-doc at Postech (South Korea) under the supervision of Professor D.P. Kim complemented his formation. In 2012 he obtained his present position at Sorbonne University where a well established independent research team was set. Funding from different agencies and companies was essential for his high level work.

The Ulrich Award Selection Committee and the International Sol-Gel Society Board congratulate Dr. Faustini for this Award and wish him a very successful and inspiring future.


Dr. Marco Faustini

Date of birth: 03/02/1983

Nationality: Italian

Assistant Professor

Laboratoire Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Paris, Sorbonne University, France


ORCID: orcid.org/0000-0002-6254-5116

Research ID: E-8651-2012


Research keywords:

Sol-gel Inorganic and Hybrid Nanomaterials, Porous Materials, Thin Films, Self-Assembly, Lithography, Photonics, Dew Engineering, Sensing, Electrolysis