Ulrich Awardees List

Donald R. Ulrich Award recognizes outstanding contributions in sol-gel processes made by young researchers. The Award granted in remembrance of Prof. Dr. Donald R. Ulrich is given since 1991 during the International Sol-Gel Conference.

The awardee/s will receive a diploma and a 2-years ISGS membership, and have to  give award lecture at the International Sol-Gel Conference in St. Petersburg. In addition, the awardee/s will be invited to publish a paper in the Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology on the content of the award lecture (after a reviewing process).

This is the list of Ulrich awardees updated to 2017

-1991    David Levy

-1993    Thierry Woignier and Hervé Floch

-1995    Florence Babonneau and Edward J. Pope

-1997    Kazuki Nakanishi and Martin Mennig

-1999    Toshiya Watanabe

-2001    Giovanna Brusatin and Atsunori Matsuda

-2003    Vadim Kessler and Philippe Belleville

-2005    Nicola Hüsing and David Grosso

-2007    Jean-Marie Nedelec and Kiyofumi Katagiri

-2009    Paolo Falcaro and Robert Kreiter

-2011    Kazuyoshi Kanamori

-2013    Yusuke Daiko

-2015    Go Kawamura

-2017    Vladimir and Alexandr Vinogradov and Tim-Patrick Fellinger

-2019 Marco Faustini