eSeminar Lectures Trailer 2023

ISGS eSeminar, June 2023

Sol-gel glass and Bouncy Bioglass - the future of regenerative medicine by Julian R Jones 

ISGS eSeminar, May 2023

Colloidal chemistry to advance catalysis and energy technologies by Raffaella Buonsanti

ISGS eSeminar, April 2023

Sol-Gel and Self-Assembly: a successful marriage that leads to programmable nanosystems by Galo J. A. A. Soler-Illia 

ISGS eSeminar, March 2023

Sol-gel synthesis of photoluminescent nanoparticles, soft gels, and nanocomposites by Beatriz Julián López

ISGS eSeminar, February 2023

Can we design network structures of inorganic polymeric mate-rials like organic synthesis? by Masahide Takahashi