Report on event: VI ISGS Summer School “Frontier in Hybrid Materials”

The VI Summer School of the International Sol-Gel Society has been held in Alghero in September 2018 (16-19) to explore the Frontiers in Hybrid Materials. The school has been attended by 32 students from 12 different countries, from Japan to Argentina, which have shared with the speaker the nice moments of the days in Sardinia.

The different properties and applications of hybrid materials have been the subject of ten lectures from the most recognized experts in the field. The students have acquired a direct knowledge not only of the basic know-how behind the development of hybrids but also have been guided by the speakers through the frontiers of the research in the field. The students have presented their current research activity during the poster session while enjoying and relaxing at the view of the Alghero’s sea sunset.

Hybrid materials are still a hot topic and one of the most open to innovation and ready to technology transfer, the school has shown a comprehensive overview of the future progress which is expected to impact the field in the next future.