> 2008 ISGS SummerSchool

The first edition of ISGS SummerSchool has been held in Alghero in Italia in August 2008 and was entitled “Sol-Gel in small dimensions: nanoparticles and thin films”.


  • Masahide Takahashi (University of Kyoto, Japan), Patterning technology for sol-gel films
  • Michel Aegerter (ISGS), Technologies for deposition of thin films on glass and plastic substrates – technical challenges and new opportunities
  • David Avnir (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel), Sol-gel materials in small dimensions: functionality in pores, particles, and thin films
  • Plinio Innocenzi (University of Sassari, Italy), Infrared spectroscopy, chemical imaging for characterization of sol-gel films
  • Galo Soler-Illia (CNEA, Buenos Aires, Argentina), Self-assembled mesoporous films and mesoporous nanoparticles; coupling sol-gel and self assembly to obtain organized matter, mesoporous thin films: production, formation and prospective applications.
  • Chris Barbé (ANSTO, Australia), Synthesis and characterisation of Sol-Gel nanoparticles
  • Anna Corrias (University of Cagliari, Italy), Iron based nanocomposites from sol-gel and their characterization
  • Hiromitsu Kozuka (University of Kansai, Japan), Crack formation and stress evolution

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