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This School was a great opportunity to meet specialists in the field in an friendly environment (Chambon-sur-Lac, near Clermont-Ferrand, in the center of France, in the heart of Europe). In addition to the lectures, a permanent poster exhibit has been held to give participants the opportunity to display their research and discuss it (two best posters have been awarded).


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The ISGS Summer School 2010 was the second school of the International Sol-Gel Society (ISGS) held 18–21 July 2010 in the little village Chambon-sur-Lac in the country side near Clermont-Ferrand, France. This international school, held every 2 years, started in 2008 with the first successful school organized by Prof. Plinio Innocenzi in Sardinia, Italy.

ISGS Summer School 2010 was attended by 60 delegates from 13 different countries as follows: 36 from France, 6 from Italy, 4 from Belgium, 2 from Switzerland, The Netherland, Israel, Australia, Austria and 1 from Finland, Brazil, Portugal, Slovenia, USA.

The choice of the topic Advanced Characterization Techniques for Sol-Gel Materials.

Future high technologies will require novel physical chemical properties associated to the design of innovative materials having more and more complex composition and structure at various scales. The rapid development of chemical methods to construct such materials originates mainly from the emerging and growing nanotechnology domains, which are increasing due to economical and social pressure to deliver high performance miniaturised devices. Material chemists are thus inclined to synthesize, handle, and assemble smaller and smaller pieces of matter into increasingly complex hierarchies. Upon the envisaged alternative construction methods, sol-gel chemistry, also addressed as “chimie douce”, appears as one of the most promising approaches. However, mastering such multi-scale control requires powerful and specific characterisation techniques to “visualise” the final product and to understand the various phenomena taking place during synthesis.

The aim of the school was to provide a common forum on specific characterisation techniques adapted to sol-gel materials for scientists operating in all sol-gel fields. Characterization of chemical environments, solid-state structures, mechanical properties, kinetics of nucleation/growth and self-assembly, porosity, nanostructrures, surfaces chemistry and other topics have been presented and discussed.

There were 9 invited talks given by outstanding scientists internationally recognised in their field, and cover different advanced techniques that are specifically well adapted to the study of sol-gel materialsand.

The first plenary lecture was given by Clément Sanchez who presented key concepts regarding inorganic and hybrid materials. Antonio Cervellino gave us a review on advanced NMR techniques. The growing interest for SAXS and GI-SAXS was demonstrated by Heinz Amenitsch. Geraud Dubois described mechanical properties of thin films while Cédric Boissière focused on thin film characterization. Mika Linden dealt with surface charaterization and Philip Llewellyn with the characterization of porosity in solids. Plinio Innocenzi has presented synchotron light based techniques. Finally, Christian Bonhomme told us how to use diffraction techniques.

These 9 presentations gave rise to 9 communications downloadable on ISGS website for ISGS members.

Best poster award: participants had the opportunity to display their research and to present it. 20 posters were presented during a permanent poster sessions. Prizes offered by ISGS were awarded for the best presentations during the poster sessions. The two winners were Marco Faustini and Maryline Chee Kimling. Both prizes were offered by ISGS. (discover our two winners and their work here).

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