> EUROMAT 2011, Symposium “Beyond mesoporous materials”


We have the pleasure to inform you about the organization of the Symposium A32 entitled “Beyond mesoporous materials” related to the Topic 2 on “Materials for Nanostructures”.


We warmly invite you to attend EUROMAT 2011 and to submit an abstract for Symposium A32 using the following link:


Please, note that the deadline for online submission is January 31, 2011.

Abstract :

Mesoporous materials are promising novel components in several emerging nanotechnology devices within many domains of applications (medical, energy, electronics, optics, environment, etc), and significant current efforts are dedicated to their development. Materials with increasing complexities, both in terms of structure and composition, can now be prepared by rational design, leading to the discovery of novel interesting physical chemical properties. The scope of this symposium is to bring together recent investigations dealing with synthesis, processing, and integration of advanced functional mesoporous materials for existing and emerging applications.

Covered topics:

1) Existing applications: heterogeneous catalysis, macromolecular separation, gas sensing, optics etc.

2) Emerging applications: drug delivery, therapeutic vectors, diagnosis agents, photovoltaics, fuel cells, battery, data storage, micro and nanofluidics, etc.

3) Original synthesis and integration methods: “top-down”, “bottom-up”, nano-in-micro, multiscale, hierarchical, nanocomposite and hybrid materials.

4) Novel functionalities and novel structures.


Looking forward to welcome you in Montpellier, next September.

The co-organisers,
Pr. Mika Linden (Ulm University, Germany),
Pr. D. Grosso (University Paris VI, France).