> Sol-Gel 2011 – Hangzhou, China

The 16th edition of the International Sol-Gel Conference, SolGel2011, has been held in Hangzhou, P.R. of China, from 28 august to 2 September.

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Sol-Gel 2011 Proceedings

A special issue of the JSST – Volume 65, Number 1 is available on Springer, link here.

Report on the Conference

by the Local Organizing Committee

The 16th International Sol-Gel Conference has been successfully held in Zhejiang Hotel, Hangzhou, China, from August 28th to September 2nd, 2011. It is the first time for such a great event in sol-gel field to take place in China. 515 delegates from 39 Countries and districts gathered at the conference. The Conference set up 12 topics related to Sol-Gel Chemistry and Fundamentals, New Characterization Techniques for Sol-Gel Materials, Industrialization of Sol-Gel Science & Technology and so on. 476 abstracts covered all the topics has been received. 3 keynote lectures, 3 award lectures, 16 invited lectures, 116 oral lectures, and 302 posters have been presented on the conference.

The 16th International conference strived to provide every participant with opportunities to exchange ideas and open up new fields of research and collaboration. It stimulated and excited forums for scientists from both academia and industries to present and share their ideas in the sol-gel field. More on the conference website

by Vadim Kessler

The Conference revealed very distinctly a change in the main focus of the research in the Sol-Gel community as Prof. Michel Aegerter summarized in his Life Achievement Ulrich Award lecture.

Having started as, in the first hand, fundamental research in glass technology, the Sol-Gel science today has turned to the most appealing needs of modern society – materials for energy and for biological applications. This focus could be very distinctly traced in already the keynote lectures delivered in the first day of the conference, see: http://www.chinasolgel.com/uploadfiles/Scientific_Program-0902.pdf

The attention to materials for modern power sources, in particular, to the lithium batteries has set carbonaceous materials – nanocomposites based on porous carbon networks produced by transformation of sol-gel derived polymers among the most popular research topics. This fact has been confirmed also by the International Ulrich Award been given to Dr. Kazuyoshi Kanamori (Kyoto, Japan), who gave a very impressive and exciting lecture about his work in this field. An intensive discussion has been provoked by the lecture of Prof. Bao Lian Su (Namur, Belgium) presenting studies on bio-hybrid batteries as potential oxygen and energy source and also an instrument in carbon dioxide fixation. This contribution was definitely extremely thought-provoking as well as the lecture of Dr. Julian Jones (London, UK) who gave an account about the progress in living bone tissue engineering starting from sol-gel derived bioglass and stem cells.

A very principal observation concerning the need of close collaboration between academy and industry has been made by another Life Achievement Ulrich Award recipient Prof. Tsutomi Minami (Osaka, Japan). The positive lessons from this close interaction will hopefully help a lot in the future successful development of the activities of ISGS.

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