Industrial session

This year the ISGS will introduce an exciting new Industrial Session at the conference with speakers belonging to different industries. The session will highlight the potential of sol-gel science for different industrial applications ranging from bulk to thin-films.

The goal of this session is also to facilitate exchange between the academic and the industrial worlds.

The session is scheduled on Thursday August 29th, morning, and will be 2:30 long with 3 invited talks and 4 oral communications.

Industrialization of Sol-Gel Science and Technology and Innovative Applications

Detailed program

10:30-10:35: Introduction – Elisa CAMPAZZI (EADS, ISGS Board), Géraud DUBOIS (IBM, ISGS President)

10:35-11:00: Patrick RUCH (IBM) – Sol-Gel Routes to Nanoporous Materials for Sustainable Cooling Applications using Adsorption Chillers.
Sol-gel and nanocasting strategies were employed to synthesize silica-based materials that exhibit the correct water sorption characteristics for specific cooling applications. The synthetic strategies employed, the properties and the cooling performance of these materials have been studied and related to their efficacy for the envisioned sustainable cooling systems.

11:00-11:30: coffee break

11:30-11:55: Sophie SENANI (EADS Innovation Works) – Robotisation of Spray Application processes and UV-Curing of Hybrid Sol-Gel Coatings for Corrosion Protection of Aeronautical Metallic Substrates.
Out-of-bath application of anticorrosion sol-gel product is not yet widely used in the aeronautical industry and, in any case, not already robotised for large scale. A complete study to define equipment and process parameters in order to fulfil end-user requirements has been done and technical issues especially on spray equipment have been studied.

11:55-12:10: Sébastien LE CRAZ (CRM Group) – Ecological hybrid nanocoating concept for metallic surface protection and functionalization.
CRM has developed a new route for the substitution of Cr(VI) and Cr(III) passivation, based on a hybrid organic-inorganic coating, which consists in combining intimately nanosilica and polymers in a water based formulation. This innovative treatment has been tested at the industrial scale and the coating performances have been comprehensively investigated.

12:10-12:35: Kim S. FINNIE (Ceramisphere) – Challenges of commercializing sol-gel technology – the Ceramisphere experience.
Ceramisphere Pty Ltd is commercialising a patented technology that has the potential to provide encapsulation and controlled release of active molecules for a very wide range of applications. After a year of in-house process design, a pilot plant has been built at Mt Kuring-gai, Sydney, with a production capacity of 20-40 tonnes per year.

12:35-12:50: Yosef ITZIK (Sol-Gel Technologies) – Sol-Gel Enhanced Drug Delivery Systems for Topical Products.
Sol-Gel Technologies is a specialty pharmaceutical company that develops innovative topical products for the dermatology market. Sol-Gel’s patented delivery systems are designed to enhance the efficacy, safety and stability of topical drugs and enable new synergistic pharmaceutical combinations, with a wider therapeutic window. In this talk, an overview of two silica based delivery systems will be given.