ISGS Come together Party at SolGel 2013

On Sunday August 25th, the ISGS is glad to invite you to attend an ISGS pre-conference party in a friendly setting near the conference center.


. A party to socialize and network!

This “get together” party will give all attendees and their guest a chance to socialize and network.

. A party to celebrate the 10th anniversary of ISGS!

It will also be an opportunity to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the ISGS. 10 years is young, but for a scientific society still being alive 10 years after the first decision to work together to promote the sol-gel and carry the different missions is a success. It is not due to chance. It results from the support of hundreds of members through their membership and involvement of members of successive Boards who give time and energy to serve the project.

. A party in order to thank the members… the ISGS is you!


You will find a voucher in your bag at the registration desk on Sunday 25th August and will change it at the Irish Rover place for a wristband. It will give you a free entrance,1 drink and discount price for other drinks or tapas. This party will take place just after the conference welcome reception and will last until 12am or more for the Aficionados…

Download and print the flyer including the map


The Irish Rover:

PS: if you arrive later in the evening, you are still welcome at the Irish Rover Pub.