ISGS eSeminar, December 2021

The Influence of Microwaves on Sol-Gel Chemistry


Maria Zaharescu

Romanian Academy, Institute of Physical Chemistry “Ilie Murgulescu” 202 Splaiul Independentei, 060021-Bucharest, Romania


The sol-gel technique is a versatile and efficient method for the preparation of pure or doped metal oxide films or powders. Combining sol-gel processing with the effects of ultrasound or microwaves further enhances the versatility of sol-gel chemistry. The microwave-assisted sol-gel approach has most frequently been used to obtain nanocrystalline, monodispersed oxide nanoparticles or to transform amorphous gels into well crystallized nanopowders. However, less focus has been directed towards the influence of microwaves on the sol-gel reactions in solutions. The eSeminar will explore recent work on the influence of microwave irradiation on the chemical reactions that take place during the sol-gel synthesis and on the properties of the resulting samples.

It is our pleasure to invite you to join the next ISGS eSeminar on Thursday 9 December, which will be delivered by Professor Maria Zaharescu.

Date: Thursday 9 December 2021


  • ZOOM (eSeminar link), Meeting ID: 307 291 6432 Passcode: BdRxYU


  • 08:00 – USA, East Coast
  • 10:00 – Brazil (São Paulo) and Argentina
  • 13:00 – UTC
  • 13:00 – UK, Portugal
  • 14:00 – Central Europe, Sweden, Norway
  • 15:00 – Romania, Israel, Eastern Europe, Ukraine
  • 16:00 – Russia (Moscow, St Petersburg)
  • 21:00 – China, Singapore, Malaysia
  • 22:00 – Japan
  • 23:00 – Australia (East Coast)