ISGS eSeminar, December 2023

 Adventures with aerogels prepared via a rapid supercritical extraction method 

 Mary K. Carroll, Dwane W. Crichton Professor of Chemistry and Ann M. Anderson, Agnes S. MacDonald Professor of Mechanical Engineering 
Union College, Schenectady, NY, USA 


Aerogel materials are captivating. Their remarkable properties render them useful in a wide variety of applications. When we began collaborating more than twenty years ago, we did not have access to the standard equipment – a critical point dryer – used for aerogel fabrication. Development of a rapid supercritical extraction (RSCE) method allowed our interdisciplinary team of undergraduate students and faculty members to make substantive contributions to the scientific literature, and facilitated productive internal and external collaborations. In this presentation we will describe the RSCE method we invented, which uses a contained mold in a hydraulic hot press, the establishment of the Union College Aerogel Laboratory, and a current area of research emphasis: catalytic aerogels for automotive pollution mitigation. 

Professor Mary K. Carrol
Professor Ann M. Anderson

It is our pleasure to invite you to join the ISGS eSeminar for December 2023, which will be delivered by Professors Mary Carroll (President-Elect, American Chemical Society) and Ann Anderson on Thursday 21 December. During the past few decades, Mary and Ann have forged a unique research partnership, underpinned by their mentorship of an interdisciplinary team of undergraduate students, to develop innovative approaches to producing aerogels. Please click here, here, here and here to learn more about their research activities and interesting career journeys. 

Thursday 21 December 2023


  • ZOOM (eSeminar link), Meeting ID: 307 291 6432 Passcode: Vj94aV-8


  • 09:00 – New York, USA
  • 11:00 – Chile, Brazil (São Paulo) and Argentina
  • 14:00 – UTC
  • 14:00 – UK, Portugal
  • 15:00 – Central Europe, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland
  • 16:00 – Romania, Israel, Eastern Europe, Ukraine
  • 17:00 – Russia (Moscow, St Petersburg)
  • 22:00 – China, Singapore, Malaysia
  • 23:00 – Japan, Korea
  • 00:00 (+1 day) – Australia (East Coast)