ISGS eSeminar, February 2024

 Design of Organosiloxane-based Materials with Unique Properties through Precise Structural Control 

 Atsushi Shimojima

 Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, Department of Applied Chemistry, School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Waseda University Japan

Organosiloxane materials have found a wide range of applications due to their high thermal and chemical stability, coupled with diverse functions derived from the organic moieties. Recent advances in sol-gel chemistry have enabled precise structural control at various length scales, leading to the emergence of new properties and functionalities. In this seminar, our recent efforts on the structural control of organosiloxanes from the molecular to nano-scale toward the creation of organosiloxane-based materials with unique properties and functions will be presented. The key lies in the molecular design of organosilane/oligosiloxane molecules as well as their regular arrangement through intermolecular interactions and controlled connection via various reactions such as hydrolytic/ nonhydrolytic condensation and hydrosilylation. The resulting mate-rials include nanoporous zeolitic materials, self-healing materials, and photomechanical materials. 


 It is our pleasure to invite you to join the ISGS eSeminar for February 2024, which will be delivered by Professor Atsushi Shimojima on Wednesday 28 February. Atsushi is a current member of the ISGS Board and his research focuses on the synthesis of inorganic-based functional materials con-structed from well-designed building blocks, such as the polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes func-tionalised with diverse organic groups. Please click here and here to learn more about his research and interesting career journey.  

Wednesday 28 February 2024


  • ZOOM (eSeminar link), Meeting ID: 307 291 6432 Passcode: 8ad9vO9@


  • 06:00 – USA (East Coast)
  • 08:00 – Chile, Brazil (São Paulo) and Argentina
  • 11:00 – UTC
  • 11:00 – UK, Portugal
  • 12:00 – Central Europe, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland
  • 13:00 – Romania, Israel, Eastern Europe, Ukraine
  • 14:00 – Russia (Moscow, St Petersburg)
  • 19:00 – China, Singapore, Malaysia
  • 20:00 – Japan, Korea
  • 21:00 – Australia (East Coast)