ISGS eSeminar, July 2023

Hybrid sol-gel nanomaterials for recycling of critical elements and water purification 

Gulaim Seisenbaeva
Department of Molecular Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences,
75007 Uppsala, Sweden

Hybrid materials combining inorganic and organic functionalities are attractive for a broad spectrum of applications in modern industries. Their structures and properties can be tailored via both the morphology and porosity of the inorganic matrix and by conformation and chemical construc-tion of the grafted organic ligands. Sol-gel silica and metal oxides are the primary choice for the matrices. Introduction of the organic functions starts commonly by attachment of organo silane moiety to the chemically reactive surface of the matrices. Further modification via organic condensation and click-reactions opens prospects for the creation of highly specific functional layers, displaying selectivity towards target metal cations or bio catalytic activities in the destruction of persistent organic pollutants.

Investigation of structures and reactivities of model compounds provides insight into molecular mechanisms of action exerted by the surface of hybrid materials.

Among the most challenging targets represented by metal cations are Ra-re Earth Elements (REE) and Late Transition Metals (LTM), critical elements for both clean energy production and the development of modern electronics. Their primary extraction from ores and taking forward recycling methodology are of paramount importance nowadays. A major quest in large-scale recycling of critical elements lies then in the separation of REE from LTM. Selective adsorbents can be created by tailoring the structure of the surface layer via the choice of chelating ligands and their placement.

It is our pleasure to invite you to join the ISGS eSeminar for July 2023, which will be delivered by Professor Gulaim Seisenbaeva on Wednesday 26 July. Gulaim is a Professor in the Department of Molecular Sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Her major research focus is on the design, synthesis and characterization of inorganic and hybrid porous nanomaterials with applications for energy and environment. Please click here and here to learn more about her achievements and interesting career journey, including her contributions to both the professional and social fabric of our sol-gel community.


Date: Wednesday 26 July 2023


  • ZOOM (eSeminar link), Meeting ID: 307 291 6432 Passcode: P3j53Z@M


  • 08:00 – Ottawa, USA, East Coast
  • 09:00 – Brazil (São Paulo) and Argentina
  • 12:00 – UTC
  • 13:00 – UK, Portugal
  • 14:00 – Central Europe, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland
  • 15:00 – Romania, Israel, Eastern Europe, Ukraine
  • 15:00 – Russia (Moscow, St Petersburg)
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