ISGS eSeminar, October 2022


Tuning the sol-gel transition to control the hierarchical porosity of ceramic materials


Sandra Helena Pulcinelli

Instituto de Química, Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP), Araraquara Brazil

Hierarchical porous materials that contain a multilevel structure con-sisting of interconnected pores on different length scales are of con-siderable interest because they are expected to combine the benefits of each pore size family, providing high surface area and facilitating mass transport, which can improve material’s performance in many applications. Among the known synthetic routes, the sol-gel one pro-vides an excellent method for controlling the structural and textural properties of end materials. In this e-seminar, the coupling of the sol-gel transition with the liquid crystal confinement and the spinodal de-composition are presented as strategies for controlling the hierar-chical pore structure of ceramic materials .

It is our pleasure to invite you to join the ISGS eSeminar for October 2022, which will be delivered by Professor Sandra Pulcinelli on Thursday 13 October. Please click here to learn more about her many achievements and interesting career journey, including her contributions to both the professional and social fabric of our sol-gel community.

Date: Thursday 13 October 2022


  • ZOOM (eSeminar link), Meeting ID: 307 291 6432 Passcode: F4b6@M2


  • 09:00 – USA, East Coast
  • 10:00 – Brazil (São Paulo) and Argentina
  • 14:00 – UTC
  • 14:00 – UK, Portugal
  • 15:00 – Germany, Central Europe, Sweden, Norway
  • 16:00 – Romania, Israel, Eastern Europe, Ukraine
  • 16:00 – Russia (Moscow, St Petersburg)
  • 21:00 – China, Singapore, Malaysia
  • 22:00 – Japan
  • 23:00 – Australia (East Coast)