SOL-GEL 2021

The international Sol-Gel Conference SOLGEL 2021 will be held in Lyon, a 2000 years old Unesco world heritage city.

The conference will bring together the best experts in the fields of materials / nanomaterials, inorganics, hybrids and polymers prepared by the soft chemistry routes. It will be the place to cross the frontiers between academy and industry, and cover all aspects of materials and nanomaterials design from fundamentals to applications, in the heart on the French Chemistry Valley. Topics cover a wide range of sol-gel materials, properties and applications:
– Chemistry and fundamentals of the sol-gel process, molecular precursors
– Coatings
– Functional organic-inorganic hybrid materials
– Nano- and micro-structured materials
– Nanoparticles synthesis, self-assembly
– Composite materials and polymers
– Porous materials (aerogels, xerogels)
– hierarchically structured materials
– Surfaces and interfaces
– Adhesion
– 3D printing
– Characterization techniques
– Modelling techniques for sol-gel materials
– Materials for catalysis and photocatalysis
– Materials for energy and environment
– Materials for health applications
– Materials for electronic and magnetic applications
– Materials for sensors, optics, nonlinear optics, photonics and optoelectronics
– Industrialization of sol-gel science and technology

Do not miss the chance to attend the conference!
For more information visit the SOL-GEL 2021 website.