Take part in #SUSGEM2023 !

Dear colleagues,

Take part in #SUSGEM2023 !

The 8th ISGS workshop will provide you a great opportunity to reconnect and extend the sol-gel community, gathering young and senior scientists of different research topics in sol-gel materials for Energy and Sustainability.

Visit the SUSGEM2023 website to find all the details of the workshop,.

The lectures will be given by:
·      Prof. Clément Sanchez (Plenary lecture, Sorbonne University, CNRS, Collegè de France, University of Strasbourg)
·      Prof. Rute A. S. Ferreira (University of Aveiro)
·      Prof. Markus Niederberger (ETH-Zurich)
·      Prof. José Paulo Farinha (IST, University of Lisbon)
·      Prof. Aline Rougier (University of Bordeaux)
·      Prof. Sofia Massi (INAM, University Jaume I)
·      Prof. Luisa Durães (Coimbra University)
·      Prof. Fátima Montemor (IST, University of Lisbon)

Young researchers such as Nataly Carolina Rosero (ICV, Spain) and Francisco Gonell (ITQ, Spain) will be keynote speakers. More names will be confirmed very soon.

The Abstract submission deadline has been re-scheduled to July 14, 2023.
Submit your abstract for oral or flash communication here.

We are very happy to announce that the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology has accepted to publish works of SUSGEM 2023 in a Special Issue.

Early-bird registration (180€ for delegates/150€ for PhD/master students) will be available until 10th July. So, register now and benefit from the best price!

Don’t hesitate to pass on a copy of this message to any colleagues or students who you believe might be interested in attending SUSGEM2023.

If possible, we would be grateful if you could indicate your intention to participate in the meeting by return email (julian@uji.es or vbermude@utad.pt), to assist with early planning.

We look forward to seeing you in Castelló!

SUSGEM 2023 Organizers
Prof. Veronica de Zea Bermúdez and Dr. Beatriz Julián López (local organizer)





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