Report on event: The 9th School of Materials Synthesis 2019

The 9th School of Materials Synthesis: Sol-gel Processes was successfully developed between 15 and 26 October 2019. Thirty students from different regions of Argentina and Latin America, including companies’ professionals, participated in the complete course (Theoretical + Laboratory). Another 13 students participated only in the theoretical modality. The School involved 17 lecturers, among them three guest from Brazil, France and Italy.

As in previous editions, students were introduced into the fascinating world of sol-gel processes so as to produce materials; in a very short time, they were encouraged to carry out high complexity experiments.

Thanks to our sponsors’ support, a workshop was organized with interesting topics, especially thought for the students. There were an introduction to the activities held by the International Sol Gel Society, the Fundación Argentina de Nanotecnología and industrial activity of YPF-Argentina as a case study. The school also included students’ poster presentations of their research; for the first time, discussions on communication skills and gender gap; and two days dedicated to study hot topics like X-ray and neutron beam characterization techniques; 2D materials and carbon dots; and biomaterials.

The 9th ESM: Sol-Gel process was possible thanks to the valuable contribution of ISGS that made possible to enjoy the lectures of Prof Andrea de Camargo from Brasil, and cover consumable costs for the laboratory.