> 2012 ISGS Summer School – Paris, France – 22-26 July 2012

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The School brought together over 50 young researchers and experienced scientists at the Cite International Universitaire de Paris for 4 days to attend courses on sol-gel chemistry and advanced characterization techniques. 14 countries were represented as follow: 27 attendees from France, 4 from Austria, 3 from Belgium, 2 from Germany, 2 from Lithuania, 1 from Portugal, 2 from Switzerland, 2 from Ukraine, 2 from United States of America, 1 from Italy, 1 from Italy, 1 from Poland, 1 from Slovakia, 1 from Spain.

There were 10 invited talks given by internationally recognized scientists in their field, coming from both Academia and Industry. The courses covered theoretical and practical materials, topics ranging from sol-gel chemistry to advanced characterization techniques during an intensive program.

The first plenary lecture was given by Thierry Gacoin who presented the intense field of investigations of nanoparticles research. Michel Aegerter gave us an overview on wet chemical coating technologies. Philip Llewellyn described the use of adsorption and other complementary methods for the characterization of powders and porous solids. Mika Linden described the different options for characterizing the surface chemistry of native and functionalized materials. Cédric Boissière focused on thin film analysis and the description of Spectroscopic Ellipsometry as an advanced, non destructive, characterization technique.François Fabreguette reviewed the fundamentals of X-Ray Diffraction and X-Ray Reflectivity techniques to characterize advanced thin films. Nicola Pinna covered electronic microscopy while Claire-Marie Pradier described photoelectron spectroscopy. Géraud Dubois demonstated importance of mechanical properties of thin films. Finally, Christian Bonhomme presented Advanced NMR techniques for nanomaterials.

These 10 presentations can be downloaded on ISGS website for ISGS members only.

At the poster session 15 participants presented their research during a session rich in exchanges and discussions.

The weather was nice, the school venue was great and the social program was rich (wine & cheese, banquet, boat trip, picnics and nightlife in Paris). All together the summer school occured in a friendly atmosphere with lots of extend ed scientific discussions. It was also a great opportunity to discover or rediscover Paris.

First feedback from the meeting is very positive – participants greatly enjoyed the chance to meet new people and to network. They learned a lot from the speakers as well as from one another.

The organizers would like to thank very much the speakers for the quality of their tutorials and the time they devote to the school.

The next ISGS Summer School is planned to be held at the same place, at CIUP in Paris, in July 2014.