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Invitation to organize the official ISGS conference in 2019

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Invitation to organize the official ISGS conference in 2019

The International Sol-Gel Society is now soliciting for applicants to host the 20th biannual conference in Sol-Gel Science and Technology to be held in 2019;

Sol-Gel 2019 -The International Sol-Gel Conference

The Conference is the official International Sol-Gel Society meeting and builds on the long and successful series of biannual conferences, which started 1981 in Padova. The conference has since then been held in several Countries all over the World.


Previous conference locations:

1981 - Padova

1983 - Wurtzburg

1985 - Montpellier

1987 - Kyoto

1989 - Rio de Janeiro

1991 - Sevilla

1993 - Paris

1995 - Faro

1997 - Sheffield

1999 - Yokohama

2001 - Padova

2003 - Sydney

2005 - Los Angeles

2007 - Montpellier

2009 - Porto de Galinhas

2011 - Hangzhou

2013 - Madrid

2015 - Kyoto

Next conference location:

2017 - Belgium

The deadline for submitting applications is February 28th, 2017.

Please direct enquiries to the chairman of the Selection Committee,

Sidney J.L. Ribeiro, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Instructions and background for Hosts to the Sol-Gel 2019

-The Official International Sol-Gel Conference of ISGS

The Sol-Gel Conference is an international gathering of the Sol-Gel Community which takes place in summer every two years.

The Sol-Gel Conference is organized jointly by the ISGS (represented by the Board) and by a Local Organizing Committee (LOC). The LOC is selected with the contribution of a dedicated Selection Committee.

Present composition of the Selection Committee:

1-Andrei Jitianu- New York, USA

2-David Levy-Madrid, Spain

3-Jean-Marie Nedelec- Clermond-Ferrand, France

4-Kazuki Nakanishi- Kyoto, Japan

5-Massimo Guglielmi- Padova, Italy

6-Michel Aegerter- Switzerland

7-Michel Wong Chi Man- Montpellier, France

8-Sara Bilmes- Buenos Aires, Argentina

9-Shen Jun, Shangai, China

10-Bruce Dunn- California, USA


Program of the Conference

The Program of the ISGS Conference combines plenary sessions, conferences and workshops, social program over five days of work, accordingly with the Model Program of the ISGS Conference as follows:

Sol-Gel Conf.









ISGS  one day workshop

setting-up  of the exhibition

opening ceremony

plenary session


plenary session

plenary session

plenary session

plenary session

plenary session

plenary session

plenary session



ISGS  one day workshop


plenary session

plenary session

accompanying program*

plenary session



plenary session

closing ceremony

plenary session

plenary session

plenary session

plenary session



welcome reception (1)

ISGS meetings

conference banquet (1)

conference banquet (2)


welcome reception (2)

*optional - (1) or (2)

An integrated industrial exhibition shall take place on the conference site to promote exchanges between industrial and scientific people.

This meeting schedule will be updated accordingly with the program defined by the Board.

Selection of themes

The Conference theme and its sub-themes are approved by the Board on the basis of the proposal of the Scientific Committee on the initiative of local groups seeking to organize the Conference.

Conference organization

Organization relies on a Charter which specifies the main specificities of the Sol-Gel Conference and conditions to use the label ISGS. The ISGS Charter specifies the unchangeable detailed process and the financial agreements between ISGS and the LOC. The Charter can be adjusted marginally for some aspects to the event in common agreement with the Board Member in charge of the Conference. Within this framework, the LOC has leeway to organize the conference and to leave its own mark on the event.


Procedure for submittal

The submission should be made electronically and in paper form. The electronic application should be sent by e-mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , as a pdf, MS-word or power-point file, at the latest on February 28th 2017.

The application letter must be accompanied by the following documents:

n The main scientific characteristics of the project (title, head topics, main topics...)

n The main logistical characteristics of the project (expected number of participants, period, location, Conference site, poster room, exhibition area...)

n A presentation of attractions, assets of the country/town/site and some considerations about the venue and its ease.

n A presentation of the benefits for ISGS community coming with this Conference

n A reflection on the implementation of the various tasks related to the organization of

an International Conference and a proposition of a detailed backward planning

n The composition of the local scientific and organizing committees (at least 2 members have to be ISGS members recognized by the sol-gel community)

n A detailed and realistic provisional budget

n It is advisable to produce documents that must ensure that LOC have the financial resources needed in particular through the support of the Government, public institutions, universities, sponsors etc... Such a guarantee will facilitate the Board's decision on the venue of the Sol-Gel Conference.

The agreement to the ISGS Charter for Local Conference Organizer is compulsory.

Some of the criteria considered by the Selection Committee are listed below

Applicant/applicant group

scientific excellence and scientific reputation in the field of sol-gel science and technology

Logistic aspects

-Conference location (facilities)

-Hotel capacity/prices, spread of price categories of hotels

-Infrastructure at location (travel)

-Travel to location price/time etc.


-A geographical spread based on previous locations is desired

-New locations are desired, and preferably the location should shift around the world

-Continents with many sol-gel researchers are preferred

-Attractiveness of location

-Possible (local) strengthening of the Sol-Gel society

-Safety aspects (is the location listed as dangerous by companies, institutions or governments?)

-Side program and correlated activities such as industry and laboratory visits

Workshop content

-Contents and coverage of the program

-Other aspects such as professional visits

Feasibility of plan etc.

Expected price for participation

-Sponsors and other financial support

-It is desired that the conference price is not increased or only slightly increased beyond that of previous meetings

Student participation

-Reduced fees, cheap but respectable housing, participation in all activities, etc.

Selection procedure

1) The Selection Committee ranks the applications and selects an applying LOC for approval of the board of the ISGS.

2) The ISGS Board sends its comments to the Selection Committee, which sends back the final proposal.

3) Ratification by the ISGS Board and signing of the ISGS Charter.

The announcement will be made on the web site in July, and the presentation will be made at the 2017 Conference in Liege.

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