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One young researcher in the spotlight: M.-A. Neouze

The community

ma_neouzeMarie-Alexandra Neouze, born 1980 in France, studied at the University of Montpellier and simultaneously at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Montpellier (France). During her study she carried out a 3 months training period at BASF in Germany and 1 year by Solvay in Belgium working in the polymers of specialty division.

She went to inorganic-organic hybrid materials and sol-gel chemistry during her PhD, in Montpellier from 2002 to 2005, under the supervision of Professor André Vioux. Her PhD work focused on the synthesis and characterization of ionic liquids confined in silica matrix; this was the start the Ionogel thematic in Montpellier.

Her PhD was enriched by the spending of 3 months at Professor Linda Nazar’s laboratory in Waterloo (Canada).

After 1 year post-doc in Professor Ulrich Schubert’s group in Vienna (Austria) dealing with the synthesis and modification of metal and metal oxide nanoparticles, she got an university assistant position at the Institute of Materials Chemistry of the Vienna University of Technology (Austria).

Since then, she is developing her own project, which deals with imidazolium based units, nanoparticles networking and hybrid materials. Still in their infancy, the obtained hybrid materials are highly promising for various applications like photoluminescent devices or gas separation membranes.

Her Habilitation was submitted at the spring 2011.

Marie-Alexandra Neouze received the Anton-Paar Science Award 2008 of the Austrian Chemical Society (GÖCH) for her publication "Nanoparticles connected through an ionic liquid-like network" in Journal of Materials Chemistry.

Selected publications
  • M. Litschauer, H. Peterlik, M. Puchberger, M.-A. Neouze; Anion Metathesis in Ionic Silica Nanoparticles Network ; J. Mater. Chem.; 2010, 20, 1269-1276

Invited paper; Emerging investigators issue

  • M.-A. Neouze; About the interactions between nanoparticles and imidazolium moieties; Review; J. Mater. Chem.; 2010, 20, 9593-9607

Invited feature article

  • Bernhard Basnar, Marco Litschauer, Stefan Abermann, Emmerich Bertagnolli, Gottfried Strasser, Marie-Alexandra Neouze; Layer-by-layer assembly of titania nanoparticles based ionic networks; Chem. Commun.; 2011, 47, 1, 361-363

Invited paper; Emerging investigators issue

  • M.-A. Neouze, M. Litschauer, M. Puchberger, H. Peterlik; Porous Titania Ionic Nanoparticle Networks; Langmuir; 2011, 27, 7, 4110-4116

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