> The sol-gel days 2010

Reports on events

The main topic of this meeting was "Sol-Gel, Nanomaterials and Energy". This meeting brought together field experts leading to a state-of-the-art on smooth chemistry and the new technologies for Energy, highlighting the issues, challenges and research current and future routes. The various topics of low impact renewable energy were discussed: PEMFC and SOFC, , solar cells, wind-borne energy, batteries and supercapacitors, energy efficiency...

Several leading scientists and industrials have agreed to participate through tutorial talks (*). The third day was open to non-thematic sol-gel topics (coatings, ferroelectric materials...).

This 2010 edition has been supported by the International sol-gel Society (www.isgs.org), the CEA, the Regional Council.


Information on the symposium are still available on the website www.solgel.fr (in French) including the extended schedule and possibility to download presentations.

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Invited speakers :

  • Michel Armand, CNRS Amiens,
  • Mehdi Moussavi, AREVA
  • Marc Fontecave, Collège de France
  • Dominique Guyomard/ IMN Nantes,
  • Claude Delmas, ICMCB Bordeaux
  • Serge Besse, Helion
  • Christian Guizard, St Gobain, Cavaillon
  • Patrice Simon, CIRIMAT, Toulouse
  • Dominique Larcher, CNRS, Amiens
  • Daniel Lincot, Ecole de Chimie Paris
  • Jean-Pierre Joly, CEA, INES
  • Ehinger Andreas, IFP