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ISGS eSeminar, September 2021

Aerogel Craftsmanship: New Methods, New Materials by professor David Avnir

ISGS NewsLetter – July 2021

Welcome to the July 2021 ISGS Newsletter

Announcing the ISGS eMasterClass Online Lecture Series

Announcing the ISGS eMasterClass Online Lecture Series

People in the Spotlight – Presenting the 2021 ISGS Fellows

In the June 2021 Newsletter, we announced that Professors Maria Zaharescu (Romania), Masahide Takahashi (Japan) and Michel Wong Chi Man (France) had been selected as ISGS Fellows for 2021. In the July issue, we shine a spotlight on the achievements...

People in the Spotlight – Dr Sílvia Cristina Nunes

After one year, I started my PhD in Exact, Natural and Technological Sciences/Chemistry at UTAD, entitled “Synthesis and characterization of multifunctional nanohybrids organic-inorganic materials obtained through sol-gel process”, under the supervision of Professor Verónica de Zea Bermudez, and in the...

A Focus on our PhD Students – Andrea Montero-Oleas

I designed an aptamer-based biosensor for the quantification of proteins. Later I received my master degree in Experimental Biomedicine at the University of Castilla la Mancha in Spain

A Focus on our PhD Students – (now Dr) Nir Ganonyan

I am currently in the final submission stages of my PhD thesis, and looking back on the path I have chosen I am very happy to have entered the realm of sol gel materials.

The Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology – Celebrating the 2020 Impact Factor and the Most Highly Cited JSST Papers

The recent release of journal impact factors (IF) for 2020 has highlighted a consistent improvement for JSST over the past few years, with the 2020 IF of 2.326 building significantly on the 2019 value (2.008).