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ISGS NewsLetter – May 2021

Welcome to the May 2021 ISGS Newsletter

The ISGS International Sol-Gel Conference Series Call for Applications to Host the 22nd Conference

The ISGS is now seeking applications from groups interesting in hosting the 22nd International Sol-Gel Conference. Full details regarding the application process and the Criteria against which applications will be assessed will soon be available on the ISGS website

A Focus on our PhD Students – Svenja Pohl

The topic of my thesis is again melting gels. These interesting compounds are organic-inorganic hybrid materials prepared from di- and trialkoxysilanes via a sol-gel process.

People in the Spotlight – Dr Julien Mahy

Since the beginning of my research activities, I have always focused on the development of sol-gel materials and processes for environmental purposes with a strong emphasis on green synthesis and I hope to continue on this path for many years...

People in the Spotlight – Professor Ulrich Schubert

For me, a fascinating aspect of sol-gel science is that basic chemistry and technical applications are so closely intertwined. More challenging applications can only be developed if one also cares about the underlying chemistry.

United Nations approves 2022 as the International Year of Glass – An Update from Professor Alicia Durán, Chair of IYOG2022

The International Commission on Glass (ICG), the Community of Glass Associations (CGA) and ICOM-Glass are promoting 2022 as the United Nations International Year of Glass.  

Micrograph of the May from the Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology

Micrograph of the May from the Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology  

ISGS eSeminar, June 2021

ISGS eSeminar, June 1, 2021: Sol-gel Chemistry and Technology to Design Nanostructured Materials: From Heterogeneous Catalysts to Microbattery Components by Way of Photoactive Materials and Functionalized Coatings by Professor Benoît HEINRICHS

ISGS NewsLetter – April 2021

Welcome to the April 2021 ISGS Newsletter