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ISGS eSeminar, December 2021

The Influence of Microwaves on Sol-Gel Chemistry by professor Maria Zaharescu

Bioinspired In Vitro Brain Vasculature Model for Nanomedicine Testing Based on Decellularized Spinach Leaves

Animal testing is often criticized due to ethical issues and complicated translation of the results obtained to the clinical stage of drug development. Existing alternative models for nanopharmaceutical testing still have many limitations and do not significantly decrease the number...

ISGS NewsLetter – October 2021

Welcome to the October 2021 ISGS Newsletter

2021 ISGS Call for ISGS Renata Reisfeld PhD Student Fellowship for Women in Sol-Gel Science and Technology

The ISGS Renata Reisfeld PhD Student Fellowship for Women (hereafter referred to as the Fellowship) is dedicated to women who are currently undertaking their PhD in the field of Sol-Gel Science and Technology.

The Launch of Fundraising Campaigns for The United Nations International Year of Glass 2022: An Update from Professor Alicia Duran, Chair of IYOG2022

We are now focusing our campaign on companies, associations and institutions able to support IYOG with larger gifts. Such donations will be invaluable and will determine whether we can proceed.  

People in the Spotlight – Professor Ioannis Michaloudis

As a doctorate candidate, I was lucky enough to be studying at the Sorbonne University in France. Based on my textile and fashion design practice, I undertook research in the visual arts and I discovered what I named the ‘elastic...

People in the Spotlight – Dr Maria Luz Martinez Ricci

I believe that while Physics and Chemistry are sometimes treated as two different worlds, in my experience the overlap is great and beautiful and there is a lot to do in this direction.

A Focus on our PhD Students – Efrat Shukrun-Farrell

In my first project, I have developed 3D printable sol-gel-based printing compositions, which enabled the fabrication of 3D objects with unique properties.