A new Sol-Gel start-up, SolGelWay

SolGelWay is a Spin-off of the UPMC/LCMCP of the Collège de France, founded by Pr. David Grosso, Benjamin Louis and Emmanuel Daugéras.

The company offers both consulting services and research equipment for Sol-Gel applications.

Acedip: the Sol-Gel Dip-coater to achieve the ultimate control for your Dip-coating process

Acedip enables ultimate control over the dip-coating process and thus a very precise control over the features and functional properties of the coated substrates.

The “Acedip” dip-coater has been developed for over 15 years of research in processing and developing sol-gel coatings in many different fields of application. It is equipped with the best motion system allowing very smooth solution transfer at speeds to perform from capillarity to draining regimes. The specifically sealed drying chamber (patented system) can be additionally filled with any gas and can be homogeneously heated up to 150°C so as to permit unprecedented control over evaporation. It is driven by an unique software specifically designed to program speed, temperature and atmosphere variation during the whole process (optional home made humidity controller system).
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Consulting services for Sol-Gel applications

SolGelWay’s founding team has a very high level of expertise of thin films and Sol-Gel technologies, as well as an excellent knowledge of Sol-Gel applications in the industry. SolGelWay provides consulting services to adapt your formulations and your coating processes to your application.

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