Durable and mechanically stable Sol-Gel photochromic coating

Photochromic materials for holographic data storage,hotosensitive sensors and security applications have a high innovative potential. Due to poor durability and mechanical stability most novel applications are limited. Based on a sol-gel process, scientists at the University of Cologne have developed a novel material for the manufacturing of durable photochromic glasses and films.

Photochromic bio-coatings

  • Competitive advantages
  • Resistance against various solvents and scratches
  • Excellent optical quality (transparent)
  • Refractive index and photochromic effect are tuneable
  • Outstanding long-term stability of embedded proteins
  • Simple and cost-effective production
  • Matrix can be tailored from hard to soft
  • High UV-stability
  • Photochromism works at all humidity levels

He coatings (RHODOGLASS) are based on scratch and solvent resistant hybrimer films with high optical quality. For the first time photochromic bio-molecules (e.g. bacteriorhodopsin, proteodopsin, green fluorescent protein GFP, etc.) were embedded in metaloxid-polymers without loss of bio-reactivity. This allows application of a wide range of photochromic materials. Normally the photo-activity is strongly reduced due to incompatibility with process reagents or the resulting matrix. Innovative but simple procedural steps solve this problem for the first time. RHODOGLASS has excellent optical, mechanical and physical characteristics. This technology offers solutions for a wide range of high-tech applications. RHODOGLASS can be applied as a transparent coating by printing or spraying directly onto many materials like glass, metals, plastics, paper etc.

Current status

A German patent application for RHODOGLASS has been filed by the University of Cologne. Performance and stability of the material have already been tested successfully. RHODOGLASS technology can be easily adopted without large capital investments. RHODOGLASS is offered for licensing.

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