Lotus Synthetis: production of functional inorganic nanoparticles

Our patented technology allows the production of hybrid (surface-functionalized and/or doped) oxide nanoparticles with customized properties by an in situ and one-pot process via a molecular approach. This leads to one major break-through in order to move nanotechnology from lab to market: the control and reproducible surface functionalization of each nano-particle. Our know-how relies on rare and deep expertise in molecular design of Sol-Gel precursors. Such chemical engineering leads us to answer a specific need by selecting the adequate coordination complex that will be further transformed into doped and/or hybrid nanoparticles (core/shell nanostructures) via a hydrolysis-polycondensation Sol-Gel process.

Lotus Synthesis has then adopted a strategy exclusively based on liquid phase products. Our efficient and easy scale-up process relies on a remarkable clean-technology solution for our customers since there is no manipulation of dry nano-powder, from production preparation to customer delivery.

The second advantage of our eco-strategy leads to the stability for our nanodispersions (up to 30% in weight) and to the control and reproducibility of the final nano-material properties of each batch. The Lotus Synthesis nanodispersions in aqueous or organic (commercial) media are then highly stable and elaborated to be integrated into our clients’ formulations related to smart industrial top coats, which are mainly processed through spin-, spray- or dip-coating, and roll-to-roll.

Lotus Synthesis TiO2 nanodispersions in water with concentrations up to 30% (in mass): acid (left) and basic (right) conditions.

Our products bring specific properties such as self-cleaning, anti-scratch, fire retardant, anti-fungal, anti UV, hydrophilic/phobic, high refraction index, luminescence.

Many industrial fields are concerned, as for example:

  • Paints, varnishes…
  • Optical films
  • Technical textiles
  • Environment (pollution remediation)
  • Photovoltaïc
  • Cosmetics

Lotus Synthesis is currently seeking for industrials from these sectors, interested in applications offered by our nanodispersions. Samples can be realized on demand and shipped for testing. This first testing phase may lead to a future commercial relationship.

Further information

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