SOPOT: Sol-Gel Tecnology for Fire Fighting

Activity of the “SOPOT” is based on the researches and developments which were made in 1970-1990th under the direction of prof. Abduragimov, PhD, the member of the National Academy of Fire Protection Sciences RF (State Fire Academy MES RF, Bauman Moscow State University) and prof. Kuprin, PhD, the member of the National Academy of Fire Protection Sciences RF. These investigations were made in the interest of Ministry of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs and others.

In the result of their work the new fire-fighting technologies for post-wreck aircraft fires on the land were developed. There were unique extinguishing devices for aircraft fires. They delivered combined low and medium expansion foam on the distance of 50m with fire-extinguishing speed of 3-5m2/s. Further investigations allowed to delivery fire-fighting foams with expansion of 30-40 on the distance of 100m with fire-extinguishing speed of 5-10m2/s. And finally, in 2000-2015th the new result was achieved by extinguishing speed of 15-20m2/s and delivering distance of the low and medium expansion foams of 140-150m.

Mass production was organized with trade mark “Snowstorm” and capacities from 2L/s till 330L/s. These foam generators are able to work with any ecologically clean foam formers. In 2015 SOPOT has developed the newest fire and explosion prevention technology for facilities of production, storage and recycling of the LPG and LNG with using of low and medium expansion foams including the Fast-hardening foam (FHF) based on the structured silica particles.

This foam consists of two liquid components. The first one has flame retardant properties. The second one is the polymerization catalyst. In the process of the hydrodynamic stirring of components with each other and with air the Fast-hardening foam (FHF) is derived. It reaches the fire site, flows and after that it becomes solid.

The Fast-hardening foam (FHF) possesses several significant advantages.

  1. High adhesion
  2. High Thermal and mechanical stability
  3. Giant fire-resistance (Fast-hardening foam is able to withstand exposure to temperatures up to 1000°C and it isn’t destroyed under the fire exposure)
  4. Ecological safety (Fast-hardening foam is completely biocompatible)
  5. Enormous fire-fighting efficiency (extinguishing speed with FHF is several times higher than extinguishing speed with another world means)

It has been demonstrated by the fire tests results that the index of fire-fighting efficiency for Fast-hardening foam is 15 times higher than the same index for famous foam formers such as AFFF! And it is 50 times higher than the same index for ordinary water!

Fast-hardening foam can be applied for fire-fighting in the forests, agricultural lands, fire and explosion dangerous facilities (such as ammunition and weapon storages). For these aims there have been developed and realized: handle and mobile fire-extinguishers, fire-fighting mobile trails, wheel and tracked vehicles, helicopter foam-spill devices for civil and military helicopters and others.

Fire and explosion prevention technologies designed by SOPOT don’t have any analogues in the world. And they have the highest fire-fighting efficiency. SOPOT is the patent owner of the many inventions. We are sure that this is a technology of the XXI century and it will be applied widely for saving people lives and property around the whole world!