Special issues related to Sol-Gel

Several special issues related to Sol-Gel have been recently published in open access journals: Molecules, Nanomaterials, and Materials.

In Molecules:

“Sol-Gel Chemistry. From Molecule to Functional Materials”, guest-edited by Prof. Ahmad Mehdi and Prof. Sébastien Clément from Montpellier, France.


In Nanomaterials:

“Sol-Gel Preparation of Nanomaterials”, guest-edited by Prof. Dr. Erhard Kemnitz from Berlin, Germany.

“Nanoscale Surface Engineering” is guest-edited by Dr. Glenna Drisko and Dr. Stéphane Mornet from Bordeaux, France.


In Materials:

“Sol-Gel Synthesis of Materials”, guest-edited by Prof. Aivaras Kareiva from Vilnius, Lithuania.

“Sol-Gel Chemistry Applied to Materials Science“, guest-edited by Assoc. Prof. Michelina Catauro from Naples, Italy.